Miami, Florida - Vizcaya Gardens Engagement Session

Naureen & Ramon chose Viscaya for their engagement session because of the beautiful green gardens and historic structures. This location also contrasts their wedding venue in Sunny Isles that I'm lucky to be photographing this September. They were only in town for two days and only had the opportunity to start photographing shortly before high noon. Naureen started in a beautiful Pakistani dress while Ramon started very handsomely in dark jeans, button up and a sports coat. As the day got hotter, they switched out of the heavy layers and Naureen threw on a pretty summer dress as Ramon went a bit more casual in jeans and a long sleeve. 

Viscaya was created by James Deering's subtropical winter home in the 1910's and is a National Historic Landmark and accredited museum today. This picture perfect setting makes for an ideal setting for a portrait shoot. Photography is not permitted inside the museum but the fountain-filled gardens and grounds are absolutely gorgeous. There is a fee that applies. The fee is 160.50 during the week and 267.50 on the weekends. Fees are collected at the ticket booth and as long as it's not Tuesday (their closed Tuesdays) does not require a reservation to have a professional portrait session. The fee allows up to 5 people, including the photographer, clients, and assistants. 

The park is only open from 9:30am - 4:30pm which can be some of the harshest conditions of the day. Make sure to bring plenty of water and perhaps extra clothing to change into if you start sweating through an outfit. Because the grounds are very large and lighting conditions can be difficult, make sure to schedule at least two hours to complete a portrait session. I'd also suggest shooting during the week when the grounds are less crowded and there are less photographers and other portrait clients photographing around the gardens.

Make up by: Emilio Uribe