U.S. Marine to Photographer

10 years ago, at the age of 18, I joined the Marine Corps. I served my first four years as a data networking specialist before attending selection, graduating, and becoming a special operations team member in MARSOC (Marine Special Operations Command). In 2014, during our final mission in Afghanistan, our country lost a true American hero, Sgt Charles C. Strong with whom I had the honor to have served with. He is survived by his beautiful wife Taylor Strong and his daughter Sophie Strong. 

When he passed away I became very aware that I had very few photos of my daughter and I and I spent the next six months documenting our time together with my camera phone before I decided to invest in a serious camera system. Before I knew it, I fell in love with photographing Taylor, Sophie, and my daughter Leilani. Fast forward to a year later and I have since left active service in the Marine Corps and relocated to Miami to pursue my passion as a portrait and wedding photographer. 

I owe everything to my friend Charles. I've learned to grow much closer to my daughter because of the way Charles lived his life and his relationship with Taylor. I strongly believe that these events have had a strong influence on my work because I've developed a profound appreciation for the relationships between parents and their children as well as the bond between husband and wife. 

I miss you dearly Chuck and love you, your wife, and your beautiful daughter.