4th of July, 2016 in VSCO

This past 4th of July we decided to visit Bayside in Miami, Florida. We arrived a bit later than we had hoped, 5pm, but we were able to find parking under the American Airlines Arena, which is just across the street. 

We started our visit with a trip to the Mojito Bar which is my favorite place in Miami to get Mojitos.

I've been coming here since I was a young child and I thought it would be the perfect place to visit with my girlfriend and each of our kids. We walked around as the sun set, took the kids to get their face paints, and even gave them ice cream so they could drip it all over themselves! 

We finished the night off watching Eclipse Band Live in the Amphitheater area. It was an amazing performance by the band and lead singer Kevin Alfinez. We were also fortunate to catch an amazing young musician, AJ Gayton, from Homestead, Florida who graduated high school this past month. He's easily identified by his large curls. 

The firework show and festival at Bayside was completely free. The fireworks start promptly at 9pm. Bayside was fun 20 years ago during 4th of July when I was a child, and it still is in 2016. I recommend anyone in South Florida who is looking for a family friendly event for 4th of July to visit Bayside Marketplace.

Source: https://www.baysidemarketplace.com/en.html